List of Policies

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                                                                   List of MSC Policies                                                         







Enrolment    Policy

Document on how to apply, register and enroll as a student

of Monitronic Success College.environment as well as facilities. 


 Assessment Policy



A statement on how MSC operates itexaminations.

MSC exam rules and regulations; including information on candidates conduct during MSC Examinations.


Reasonable Adjustment &

Special Consideration


MSC responsibilitieto individualwith learning difficulties,

disabilities or temporary illness. The policy also states the 

Reasonable Adjustments, 


Special Considerations and Access Arrangements MSC will make.



Information on how stakeholders students and parents can voic

their concerns and how MSC handles complaints.


Appeals Policy

Information for use by (i) Centres whose approval has been

withdrawn or suspended (ii) learners not satisfied with entire

or certain partof their examination result(iii) learners not

satisfied witMSC responses tReasonablAdjustment/Special 

Consideration (iv) learners sanctioned due tmalpractice 

allegations or incidents.


Health and Safety Policy

Document on how tmaintain, provide and manage a work

environment as well as facilities.


Record Management Policy

Document on procedures in creating, capturing data anthe

riskrelating tMSC information system security.


Customer Service Policy

Information on standarof service MSC gives tits

customers, including the customer charter.


Certification Policy

Information to candidates who lose certificates or those who

re-sit examinations but do not pass.


 Equal Opportunities  Policy

Information on how to act fairly and prevent discrimination.


Centre Assessment Policy

Information on how Centres can help learners achieve full

learning potential.


Contingency Plan Policy

Document on how MSC dealwith emergencies or incidents.


Ethical Policy

Ethical conduct for MSC staffApproved Centres anlearners.


Conflict of Interests


Information on how MSC staff can avoid activitiethat could

jeopardise the integrity of the organisation and how to disclos

their activities.


Invoicing Policy

Information on charges pertaining tMSC qualifications, 

training seminars,

CentrApproval, learning materials and all aspects of MSC 

equality of information.


Staff Development Policy

Document on joint, on-going effort in upgrading the personnel

knowledge, skills, and abilities.


Financial Management


Credit Control Policy

Internal Control Policy Budget Control & Review Policy

Information on sounfinancial governance of MSC Business

operations and processes.

Information on debt management practices and procedures

Information on effectivinternal control practices

Information omanaging income and expenditure decisions


Risk Management Policy

Document which outline processes iidentifying, assessing

and prioritising potential risks



Quality Management


Information on planning, quality control, quality assurance

and theffects of working efficiently and effectively timprove and achieve desired outcome.


Verification &

Authentication Policy

Document which explainthe procesrequirement for MSC

and Approved Centres tverify and be ablto trace candidates and learners respectively.


Learning and Assessment

Design Policy

Document assuring thintegrity and standarof learning



Assessment Quality

Assurance Policy

Information on how candidate achievementare assessed and

quality assurewithiMSC Qualifications.


Standardization Policy

Document ensuring that assessment criteria for MSC

qualifications are applied consistently by Assessment Panel.


Sanctions Policy

Information on consequences for serious incidents of



Recruitment and Selection


Explains how MSC employment position descriptions are

developed and appropriate candidatselection process.


Annual Programme

Review Policy

Document which evaluates and identifiegood practice,

actions and enhancement by reviewing past activities in preparatiofor the coming year.


Programme Withdrawal


Timeframe witregartunits/qualifications withdrawal or

implementation of new ones.


Corporate Social

Responsibility Policy

Information oMSC basic principles and practice operations.


Exemption Policy

Recognition of achievementresulting from both formal and

informal prior learning.


Maladministration and

Malpractice Policy

Information on how to deal with suspected malpractice/

maladministration issues.


Staff Misconduct Policy

Defines acts of misconduct withiMSC.

Benefits of Studying at MSC

  • Professional
  • Recognised
  • Quality Assured
  • Flexible
  • Supportive
  • Informed

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