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    Monitronic Success College embodies mutual respect in a caring environment while enabling students to achieve personal success and move with confidence into a world of endless possibilities. 

    I want to welcome you to Monitronic Success College and to our Prospectus for a look at the diversity of opportunity and range of experiences our students receive.

    We have a high quality assured standard of vocational and higher education here at Monitronic Success College and offer students all available programme at national certificate, certificate at  National Qualification Framework (NQF level  4), Diploma at NQF level 5 & 6.

    We have a great history in providing high quality international franchised qualifications but now we are having a new vision and direction of catering for individual needs and preparing students for the world of opportunities Post College through Namibian Qualifications Authority accredited courses. Our success rate for students progressing into employment, entrepreneurship and into further Higher and Further Education are destined to be very high.

    We have developed programmes that will produce a well-rounded graduate with institutional courses in business communication, information technology and quantitative methods. Our Departments work together in ensuring the education and training experiences students are of a very high quality standard assured by our robust quality assurance procedures.

    Monica Mwalengwa Matti-Nyaungwa

    Benefits of Studying at MSC

    • Professional
    • Recognised
    • Quality Assured
    • Flexible
    • Supportive
    • Informed

    Important Committees

    • Appeals Committee
    • Programme Committee
    • Administration Services Committee
    • Disciplinary Committee

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